Working Together

If you feel that you or your business might benefit from any of the activities below, let’s have a conversation about what could be your first step towards a solution. For more information or to arrange a brief introduction, I encourage you to send me an email at sarah[dot]tan[at] or send me a message via LinkedIn.


Designing thought leadership matrix
Everyone should know what their “voice” sounds like, whether you are an executive writing a blog post or a brand highlighting products and services on a website. I can help define your range (topics) and pitch (tone and style) so that what you say is authentic and shapes how people perceive you.


CVs, personal bios, websites and portfolios, social media accounts
If you’re applying for a new job or looking to present yourself to a recruiter, it is wise to ensure that your resume, digital footprint, and overall reputation is presented in the best light possible. This can be a 3-month strategy to increase your visibility and skill sets, or a general update and formatting of your CV.


Copywriting and ghostwriting
In today’s world of search engines and hashtags, writing is an art and a science. I can write speeches, presentations, opinion editorials, blog posts, newsletters, and even snippets for social media. I can also write copy for websites and other marketing collateral.


Development and review of brand communications strategy
A strong brand conveys clear ideas and a sense of direction. Does what you say fit in the big picture? Ensure that every communication action contributes to the achievement of a larger goal. I can design a communications strategy that sets realistic expectations and outlines steps for success.


Competitor analysis, trend newsletters and reporting
To be able to engage in conversations that matter in a meaningful way, you need to be aware of what is happening in your market, with your consumers and competitors, and in the world at large. I can help you stay on the pulse of what is happening by curation information that will make an impact to you and your business.


Maintaining relevance and best-practice assessments
You might have a communications strategy, are already active in developing your thought leadership presence, or a small business that is just getting started. To ensure that you are maximizing your communications investment, I can review your current process and approach and provide recommendations for action and improvement.