Media Diet

One question that people ask me a lot is “How did you find that?” Besides having Google as a trusty sidekick, I do read a lot and broadly, though when it comes to mass media I find the trick is to narrow your platforms but read across the masthead. Don’t scrimp on the sections and cast your eye right through from Art to Politics.

Now that curation is a business, there are aggregator platforms for every kind of media consumption profile. 90% of what I’ve tried doesn’t work for me, though this no reflection on the service or content served – it’s just that I don’t have enough time (The Economist, I love you but feeling that I am constantly behind reading my issues is not positive reinforcement!), or material that I don’t find interesting or helpful to me.

“Me” is the keyword here because I think that everyone should have their media curated for them specifically so that you reading from approximately 5 platforms or services, and getting 70% of everything you need to know concerning development in your career and personal life.

Here are some of the platforms I read and newsletter that I subscribe to that are useful to me. If you’d like me to help you optimize your media diet, I will send you a short survey and I can make some recommendations. Just send an email to sarah[dot]tan[at]

My Media Diet

  • I read the New York Times every day. Some days I just pick random sections and read all the articles in that section for the past few days.
  • I subscribe to FORTUNE CEO Daily. Global business in a nutshell with some intelligent commentary.
  • I use Pocket to clip articles I want to save for later and receive their newsletters.
  • I browse articles I’ve curated on my Flipboard once a day. This includes feeds from Quartz, The Atlantic, BBC Future, The GuardianTIME magazine, Bon Appetit and Condé Nast Traveller. And yes, I also have a ‘Celebrity News’ feed.
  • And my guilty pleasure is reading the TV & Showbiz landing page of the Daily Mail every day. So bad but good.


There is no substitute for books. Reading is a skill to be nurtured and will expand your worldview in so many interesting ways. My goal is to read 60 books a year on average. I struggle with the volume because I’m a slow reader, but I’ve taken to scheduling reading time into my diary and have also added audiobooks to the fold (about 1 a month) to help me reach my target.

You can check out what I’m reading and some of my reviews here.