Here are the things I’m focused on right now. Anything that doesn’t fall in the line with the categories below will be put in the Later basket. That may include you.

No hard feelings.

  • Family and friends: Is, and always will be, my first priority.
  • Writing: Getting better and faster. Taking on jobs that allow me to develop my writing in different voices and on a wide range of intelligent topics. Then there’s that four letter word project I’m chipping away at.
  • Reading: The target is a minimum of 60 books this year. I’ll post reviews on the blog.
  • Photography: Trying to do more of this. Will post on Instagram and on the blog.
  • Fitness: After a year off schedule, I’m back on.
  • Travel:  Seeing the world. Antarctica, Chile, Vietnam on the cards.

I’ll update this page as and when my priorities change. Last update was December 2016. This Now page was inspired by Derek Sivers and the nownownow project.