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The Art / Market Strategy

#GucciGram asked visual artists to reinterpret the brand’s new Blooms and Caleido prints into works of art, which were then posted to Instagram for Gucci’s followers to view. (Luxury Daily)

When most people think of Absolut, they think of vodka. However, the Pernod Ricard-owned brand now wants people to associate its name with fine art. Absolut Art is an online retailer with a mission to make art mainstream enough that everyone can hang a piece on their walls. (CNBC)

Museum shows on fashion are not new but they are increasing, and increasingly popular.These are cultural events “on the house”. The focus has also shifted, from educational to emotional. Museum fashion shows in 2015 are pitched squarely at touchy feely millennials. (Australian Financial Review)

Image source: GucciGram by David Chan


A communications strategist and award-winning PR consultant who just happens to also be a photographer and published author. A Penang-born Kiwi living in Singapore. Always looking for the next big thing.

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