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On Design’s Ability to Change

The 40 most exciting innovations of the year. From the first-ever $9 computer to lab-grown rhino horns, this year has been filled with innovations that give us hope for the future. (TechInsider)

Leading-edge companies are leveraging design thinking internally and in the marketplace to overcome the stiff resistance often encountered by disruptive innovation. (WSJ)

Biomimetic firms could imitate the protected environments that encourage weaker species. “Innovators must sometimes create their own ecosystems to get their product or service to market.” (Guardian)

To help cats feel at home, try ‘catification’ design tricks. “Make sure you’re operating on all possible points on the vertical axis.” (Merced Sun-Star)

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A communications strategist and award-winning PR consultant who just happens to also be a photographer and published author. A Penang-born Kiwi living in Singapore. Always looking for the next big thing.

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