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Society Today, Thanks to “Data”

Which city’s residents ride their bikes most in the morning? (Sydney.) Who rides the most at night? (Sao Paulo’s party animals.)

Americans have got over their fear of eating alone and are making restaurant reservations for one. (Open Table have noted a 62% increase over the past 2 years.)

In London, you can find out if where you live is “up and coming” by comparing the number of fried chicken and coffee shops. (High coffee shops, low fried chicken shops, low house prices.)

A study of 1,000 people reveal that people who like bitter foods are nasty people. “Duplicitous. Self-serving. Cold-hearted. Vain, selfish, sadistic, narcissistic—even psychopathic.”


A communications strategist and award-winning PR consultant who just happens to also be a photographer and published author. A Penang-born Kiwi living in Singapore. Always looking for the next big thing.

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