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There have been a few words making their rounds online that suggests that our technologically integrated existence requires new terminology. Here are some to consider: ‘farecasting’ (the art of predicting the best date to buy a ticket), ‘technomysticism’ (the adoption of mediaeval mystic practices by people who use the Internet), ‘snappetite‘ (when you get hungry after looking at a food Instagram) and ‘brexting’ (when women text and breastfeed at the same time). Some of my favorites come from a Washington Post article earlier this year by Shumon Basar, who wrote a book describing “the effects of digital technology and the Internet on everything from our brains to the planet.” Check out ‘Deselfing’ and ‘Smupid’.


A communications strategist and award-winning PR consultant who just happens to also be a photographer and published author. A Penang-born Kiwi living in Singapore. Always looking for the next big thing.

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